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    How large is a pallet?
Items approximately on one pallet:
  1. Small Items (like iPods) = 200-400
  2. Medium Items (like laptops) = 50-200
  3. Large Items (like desktops) = 5-50
  4. Extra Large Items (like Plasma TVs) = 2-5
    How big is a pallet versus a truckload?
A truckload can vary from 11-28 pallets. Our pallet sales list with anywhere from 1 - 10 pallets. Most of the auctions in our pallet category are single pallets.
    May I browse listings without Registering?
Yes, unregistered users can browse. If you want to bid on items, however, you have to register.
    How do I register for an account?
Please follow these steps to register for TechLiquidators:
  1. Click on the 'Register' link in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Complete the 'Account Information' form, providing us with some basic information about you / your company and click continue. Your login for this site will be your email address, and the password that you enter on this page.
  3. Complete the customer information survey form, by answering five simple questions about your current operation. You may save and exit at this time, if you are unable to proceed with your registration.
  4. Complete the 'Billing Information' form. Click on the check box if your billing and shipping address are the same.
  5. Read and agree to the 'User and Purchase Agreement'. A copy of this agreement will be emailed to you after registration. You must scroll through to the end of the document, and enter your first and last name to provide an electronic signature. The User and Purchase Agreement outlines your responsibilities as a buyer.
  6. An 'Account Verification' email will be sent to your email address to verify the account. Once you have followed the verification link, your account will be active, and you will be able to bid on and win auctions.
    Why did my screen 'refresh' after I submitted my Registration Information?
Your browser may have settings that do not like our site. Check your Internet Options or Preferences for an option to "enable cookies". You can also add our site to your trusted site lists. This site is best viewed in Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 or above.
    How do I know if I won?
If you are awarded the auction items, you will receive an email from us notifying you of your winning bid. The email will let you know what amount you must wire to us to complete your purchase.

Please note that your bid is an offer to purchase the auctioned items and, as such, we retain discretion as to whether or not to accept it. While our goal is to accept the highest bid which is above the unpublished reserve price, we may choose not to award auction products to you at our discretion.

You can also check the "My Auctions" tab at the top of any page to see the current status of all your bids.
    How will I receive my purchases?
For most transactions, you are responsible for making the necessary arrangements to pick up your purchases. The shipping options are detailed on the bid confirmation screen, where you can select to pick up your items from the warehouse location, or choose our Freight Shipping option (if available). The Freight Shipping option allows you to conveniently pay for the freight costs at checkout, without the hassle of coordinating shipment through a third-party carrier. Note: Costs incurred by the buyer to arrange pickup of auction purchases are non-refundable.
    How will I know if I am no longer the highest bidder?
For auctions other than Sealed Bid Auctions, we will send you an email when your bid is no longer the highest bid submitted. Please note, however, there can be unpredictable delays in email transmissions. We suggest that you regularly visit our site to check your "Bidding History" on the "My Auctions" page.
    What if I want to cancel my bid after placing it?
All bids on the site are final and binding. For this reason, we recommend that you check your bid closely before finalizing your bid by clicking the "Submit" button. In the event that an obvious bid error occurs (such as bidding CAD 4000 when the item is worth only CAD 400), please log in, then CLICK HERE to send us a message as soon as possible, and we will attempt to cancel your bid.
    What is a sealed bid?
In a sealed bid auction, we will provide you with a list of inventory. You can place a bid on the inventory, but we will not tell you the amounts other people have bid, nor will other people know what you have bid. Whoever submits the highest bid which is above the unpublished reserve price may be awarded the inventory, subject to Best Buy's discretion as to whether or not to accept the bid, as per the User and Purchase Agreement. At the end of the auction, we will let you know whether or not you have been awarded the inventory.

If the highest bid is not equal to or above the reserve price or if we, in our sole discretion, elect not to award the auction inventory during an auction, the inventory may be reposted in another auction. The reserve price will not be visible to bidders.
    What time zone are the auctions displayed in?
All auctions are based on Central Time.
    How does Proxy (Automatic) Bidding work?
When you bid on an auction, you can elect to use our Automatic Bidding process. If you elect to use this process, you can enter the maximum amount that you would be willing to pay for an item. This amount is always kept confidential from other bidders. Our automatic bidding software then enters the lowest possible winning bid for you. If another buyer bids (in real time or by proxy) an amount higher than your previous lowest-possible-winning bid but which is still lower than your maximum bid, we will automatically raise your bid until you are winning again. We will continue to do so until reaching your maximum bid.


Opening Price is CAD 1000 with a bid increment of CAD 100. In this scenario, you are the first bidder:
On the Bid Entry page, you enter your Maximum Bid of CAD 2000 and click "Place Bid".
The next page confirms your bid with the following message: "Your current bid is: CAD 1000." You click "Submit".
The system processes your bid.
You are the current winning bidder at CAD 1000 since no one else has bid.
You receive a bid confirmation via email.

Now another bidder comes along to bid against you:
On the Bid Entry page, the opposing bidder enters a Maximum Bid of CAD 1200.
The next screen confirms his bid.
The system then processes your PROXY bid because you entered a maximum bid of CAD 2000.
Second bidder is now losing with his CAD 1200 bid.
You are still winning with a current winning bid price of CAD 1300 (which such price reflects the opposing bidder's
CAD 1200 bid plus the required CAD 100 bid increment).
    What is the bid increment?
The bid increment is the amount by which you must outbid the current winning bid. If you place a Maximum Bid above this amount, it must be a multiple of the bid increment greater than the Minimum Bid.

For example, consider an item that has a current price of CAD 100 and a bid increment of CAD 25. If you place a Maximum Bid of CAD 140, your current winning bid will be lowered to CAD 125, the next lowest bid increment, and CAD 125 will also display as your Maximum Bid. If you bid CAD 150, your current winning bid will still be CAD 125, but your Maximum Bid will display CAD 150 in your Bidding History because you met the bid increment twice.
    Can I sort my search results?
You can currently sort your search results by any of the columns of information that are displayed. The options are Title, Condition, Lot Size, MSRP, Total Units, Current Bid, Bid Count, Location, and End Time. The search box also provides filters for your search terms, by product category, lot size, condition, or location.
    Where can I get support for bidding questions?
We have a knowledgeable and friendly support staff available to you. You can reach the customer care center via email by clicking on the "Contact us" link at the top of each page (or CLICK HERE). Support staff can assist you with any problems you may experience using the site, including technical issues, fraud prevention and other questions, concerns, and comments you might have regarding the site.
    The description of the item I want is limited- can someone tell me more about the item I want?
Items are described with as much detail as available at the time the item is listed. If you need more information about the item you want to bid on, we suggest you visit the manufacturer's website or research the item elsewhere on the Internet. Please do not bid on an item unless you are sure it's the item you want.
    What is the Opening Bid and can I bid less than that amount?
The Opening Bid is the amount we set as the minimum amount allowed to bid on the listing. If you try and bid less than the minimum, the system will ask you if you want to increase your bid to the minimum amount. The system will not accept a bid less than the Opening Bid.
    Is my credit card and personal information secure?
This server uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, the industry standard in Web security used primarily for transmitting sensitive information over the Internet. If you are using an AOL browser, or another non-standard browser, it may not support an SSL connection.
    What is this "Certified Seller" logo that I keep seeing?
For auctions that featured the "TL Certified Seller" graphic, we have cultivated relationships with qualified resellers to provide you with end of life, refurbished and bulk inventory at great prices. This product is usually located at a third-party facility, and in most cases can ship directly to your door via our FedEx Freight Shipping program.
    What is our Freight Shipping option?
The Freight Shipping option is a discounted shipping rate that leverages the volume of the Best Buy chain, and passes on the discounted rates to you. Typically, you can receive a 30-40% discount in freight costs through this program. It's not available on all auctions, but we're adding more facilities to the list all the time. Each auction will display an indicator below the bid box that states if the Freight Shipping option is available.

You will be able to select this option when you place your bid, by clicking the radio button for the Freight Shipping selection. A price quote is provided to you when you place your bid, or if you are logged in on the Auction Detail page, based on your shipping address. The lift gate and inside delivery options are additional fees, and will calculate at the time of your selection when you place your bid.
    Am I required to bring any paperwork and/or equipment in order to ‘pick-up‘ my load at the sellers facility?
Once a pickup time has been scheduled, you will require a dock level vehicle (dock height equals 4FT, 3 Inches) and a copy of the electronic release memo in order to have your items released. NOTE: To comply with Canadian Health & Safety regulations, all customers entering our facilities will be asked to wear steel toed safety footwear.
    What is Popcorn Bidding?
Every auction we list features "Popcorn Bidding", which automatically extends the end time of the auction in order to allow you additional time if outbid in the last five minutes. The purpose of this feature is to help all of our bidders get a fair opportunity to place their highest bids without worrying about auction "sniping". We refer to this feature as "Popcorn" bidding, because you can sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and watch the auction end at your leisure.