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Assorted Appliance Accessories & More
  Assorted Appliance Accessories & More    

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Condition: Salvage (PARTS)
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(May. 29 at 3:39 PM)  ENDED
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Bids: 2
Current Bid: CAD 6.00
MSRP (Est): CAD 3,930.87
Current Price/Unit: CAD 0.09
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Warehouse Location: Langley, BC
Zip Code: V1M 3A9
Total Units: 67
Shipping Weight (lbs): 350.0
Pallet Count: 1
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Salvage (PARTS)

Listed product in Salvage (PARTS) condition are units that do not function, have been deemed BER, and have typically been harvested for parts. These products have typically been inspected, found to have defects, triaged for repairs and then harvested for parts.

  • In most cases, product will not be complete, missing several components, or containing damaged and defective components.
  • Typically, the product has been disassembled, and will be missing screws or components that hold the units together.

Assorted Incomplete Units
Warranties not valid on any TechLiquidators product. All product is sold "AS IS" - cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed. Manifest quantities provide a best estimate. Actual quantities may vary.










20 PARTSMASTER PMFX0456-MC DRYER DUCT FLEXIBLE FOIL & CLAMPS 4x8 0677321035 10296749 145.45 2909.00
2 Bosh SMZPCJB1UC BOSCH SMZPCJB1UC POWERCORD JUNCTION BOX 8252259588 13811657 37.53 75.06
1 Ergotron 60-589-060 ERTN 60-589-060 CS EN 0698833008 10574328 37.53 37.53
7 SAMSUNG SKK-8K SAMSUNG SKK-8K 27 FL LAUNDRY STACK KIT 8872763440 14434925 37.53 262.71
1 SAMSUNG SKK-8MC SAM SKK-8MC LAUNDRY STACK KIT 8872765979 16367490 37.53 37.53
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