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Assorted Desktops & More
  Assorted Desktops & More    

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Condition: Salvage (PARTS)
Time Left:
(May. 31 at 3:58 PM)  ENDED
Users Watching: 4
Bids: 4
Current Bid: CAD 1,180.00
MSRP (Est): CAD 43,127.63
Current Price/Unit: CAD 90.77
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Shipping Info
Warehouse Location: Brampton, ON
Zip Code: L6S 6G6
Total Units: 13
Shipping Weight (lbs): 306.0
Pallet Count: 1
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Salvage (PARTS)

Listed product in Salvage (PARTS) condition are units that do not function, have been deemed BER, and have typically been harvested for parts. These products have typically been inspected, found to have defects, triaged for repairs and then harvested for parts.

  • In most cases, product will not be complete, missing several components, or containing damaged and defective components.
  • Typically, the product has been disassembled, and will be missing screws or components that hold the units together.

Please note that the weight quoted is the cubic weight.
Warranties not valid on any TechLiquidators product. All product is sold "AS IS" - cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed. Manifest quantities provide a best estimate. Actual quantities may vary.










1 ALIENWARE AWAUR12-7986WHT-PCA AWAUR12-7986i7 11700F/1/256/RTX 3070 884116364986 15440877 3317.51 3317.51
1 ASUS G10DK-BBR7M70-CB Asus G10DK BBR7M70 R7 3700X/16/1/RTX3070 195553247412 15492647 3317.51 3317.51
1 CYBERPOWERPC GXI3200BSTV2 CYPP GXi3200 i5-11600KF/16/GTX1660 S EN 811842071536 15386723 3317.51 3317.51
1 ALIENWARE AWAUR13-9733WHT-PUS DELL AWAUR13 I9-12900KF/32/1/RTX3080 EN 884116393733 16011734 3317.51 3317.51
1 ALIENWARE AWAUR12-7006WHT-PUS DELL AWAUR12 i7 11700F/1/512/RTX 3080 OB 400101381358 15849315 3317.51 3317.51
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