Assorted Video Games

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Assorted Video Games
  Assorted Video Games    

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Condition: Returns
Time Left:
(Oct. 03 at 1:21 PM)  ENDED
Users Watching: 2
Bids: 2
Current Bid: CAD 390.29
MSRP (Est): CAD 1,160.86
Current Price/Unit: CAD 12.59
Bidding is closed.
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Warehouse Location: Langley, BC
Zip Code: V1M 3A9
Total Units: 31
Shipping Weight (lbs): 94.0
Pallet Count: 1
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Listed product in Returns condition are units that have been sold and returned to our retail locations, or traded in from an end user through our retail and online programs. These units are NOT tested for functionality, and are marketed for sale as goods that are in unknown condition.

  • Products have not been tested, and repairs have not been attempted.
  • The packaging will be in various states, including: opened, distressed and/or missing.
  • The products may not include original packaging and accessories.
  • Returns products will most likely function or may retain some functionality from the original equipment manufacturer specifications.
  • Products will have signs of use, scratches, dents, physical condition is unknown.
  • These units are not inspected, and may be in all ranges of condition, from broken to functional.

All units come in their original box. Not all units come with their respective accessories. Codes included DO NOT WORK. Please note that the weight quoted is the cubic weight.
Warranties not valid on any TechLiquidators product. All product is sold "AS IS" - cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed. Manifest quantities provide a best estimate. Actual quantities may vary.










1 2K Games 710425577567/CA 2K Games710425577567 PS5: NBA 2K22 7104255775 15605389 89.99 89.99
2 2K Games 710425579745/CA 2K Games 710425579745 PS5: PGA Tour 2K23 7104255797 16479310 89.99 179.98
1 Activision 047875103498/CA Activision 047875103498 PS4: Call of Duty - Modern Warfare II 0478751034 16271563 89.99 89.99
1 Activision 047875103542/CA Activision 047875103542 PS5: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 0478751035 16271564 89.99 89.99
1 Electronic Arts 014633742558/CA Electronic Arts 014633742558 PS5: FIFA 22 0146337425 15607037 89.99 89.99
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