Assorted Appliances (Fridge, Dryer & More)

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Assorted Appliances (Fridge, Dryer & More)
  Assorted Appliances (Fridge, Dryer & More)    

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Condition: Salvage (BER)
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(Apr. 18 at 3:14 PM)  ENDED
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Bids: 1
Current Bid: CAD 130.00
MSRP (Est): CAD 5,076.00
Current Price/Unit: CAD 32.50
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Shipping Info
Warehouse Location: Brampton, ON
Zip Code: L6S 6G6
Total Units: 4
Shipping Weight (lbs): 2400.0
Pallet Count: 4
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Salvage (BER)

Listed products in Salvage (BER) condition are units that do not function, and have been deemed BEYOND ECONOMIC REPAIR by qualified testing staff. These products have been inspected, found to have defects, and typically have been triaged to the point of determining the extent of the condition.

  • In most cases, products will have damage to individual components, and may be incomplete.
  • Typically, items are missing all accessories, including batteries, chargers, and removable media.
  • Salvage (BER) products will likely have value in the form of a best yield through combining parts and components to create working units.

Please note that the weight quoted is the cubic weight.
Warranties not valid on any TechLiquidators product. All product is sold "AS IS" - cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed. Manifest quantities provide a best estimate. Actual quantities may vary.










1 Bosh SHX5AEM5N BOSCH SHX5AEM5N 24' SMART BUILT-IN SS 8252259690 17109440 1269.00 1269.00
1 Bosh WAT28400UC BOSCH WAT28400UC 2.2CF FL WSHR W OBD-ESR 4001010085 11644502 1269.00 1269.00
1 FRIGIDAIRE FPRU19F8RF FRIGIDAIRE PRO FPRU19F8RF 18.6 CF FRIDGE 0125052185 10384315 1269.00 1269.00
1 GENERAL ELECTRIC / GE GTD40EBMKWW GE GTD40EBMKWW 7.2 CF DRYER 7576389708 10487782 1269.00 1269.00
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